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A little about us and Super Recipes!

Super Recipes Book
As sisters we’ve grown up in a house where meal time is a highly cherished time. Our mother makes delicious food and we can’t imagine a meal that doesn’t taste amazing. For this reason, we created Super Recipes, to celebrate food that has great ingredients, tastes amazing, and can help you maintain or lose weight. We want to challenge the thought of a plain diet.
Dietitian and Ibclc
Mirna Sabbagh Dietitian IBCLC Co Author Super Recipes Book

Mirna is a dietitian and lactation consultant, she is also a mother which ignited her passion for child and family nutrition. She believes a person trying to be healthy or lose weight should never eat food different from their family members. Health is a family affair that everyone can join into.

Sports Nutritionist, Personal Trainer
Baraa El Sabbagh Dietitian Personal Trainer Sports Nutritionist - Author of Super Recipes

Baraa is a dietitian, sports nutritionist and personal trainer. She’s a strong believer that every meal should be thought-out, fulfilling, and delicious. She can’t live a day without her home-made snacks accompanying her to keep her feeling strong. She’s known for her love of food, especially delicious snacks and breakfasts.

Super Recipes is made of whole ingredients that are as close to nature as possible - the way all food should be. You will not find any refined sugars or flours in this book. All the ingredients are complete and wholesome, giving you more vitamins and minerals per bite.
The recipes we used are mainly dairy-free and you can even find vegan recipes in here! They are suitable for the entire family and you can be assured they will be surprised by how delicious healthy food can be.